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I created this page to help students who do not have access to Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes. I will continue to add resources to it as I find them. If you have any questions or need help, you can always contact me by email at

If you are a student who is working on a GED or another goal in ABE, you need to be registered with your local Regional ABE Program. Your ABE Program will be able to help you track and verify your progress. Registration is free to you, but it provides essential government funding to the Program. Even if you plan only to use resources that I provide, please register with your ABE Program.

Thank you and good luck.


This is a comprehensive test-prep book for the GED. It has more material than you need to pass in all four subjects. It also includes a free online study option with the book. Each new book includes an online access card with instructions.

You may be able to get a copy of this book from your ABE Program. If you want to buy your own, click on the image to go to the publisher’s website.

Note: The 2016 Edition, shown here, was published early in 2016, before major changes to the tests were announced in March. This edition does not reflect those changes. I expect that the 2017 Edition will be updated.

GED Exam Prep 2017 Edition by Pocket Prep


GED Exam Prep 2017 Edition
This iPhone app was recommended to me by a student who used it to prepare for the GED on his own in 2015. The initial app is free, but you will need to buy the full app for $3.99 to get enough practice questions for it to work. Download and try the app first to make sure that you like it, before you spend any money. There are iOS, Android, and Amazon versions of the app.


Newsela is a website that takes interesting news articles and creates reading lessons around them. You can sign up for a student account. You will be able to read articles and answer questions about what you have read.

Click here for detailed instructions for using Newsela.


If you are a registered student in a Regional ABE Program in Alaska, you should have an account on ITTS. This is a study website designed to help you improve your reading and math skills for the TABE test. It is very boring, but it works.


Free Rice is vocabulary building game. It starts easy, but it gets harder as you go. You have a bowl of rice on your screen the fills as you get words right. That represents real rice being donated to charities that feed hungry people as you play.

Geography Games will help you learn your way around the world. Some knowledge of geography is necessary for the GED test (and I would say for life). You can skip Countries, Capitals, and Flags; but you should be comfortable with at least the next two rows of games (Continents to Rivers).

Typing Test will help you to improve your typing skills. Good typing skills are important for most jobs and for passing the GED tests. This website is what LKSD uses to test people applying for office jobs. It includes tests, practice, and lessons.


For students in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta:
Bethel Regional ABE Program     Yuut Elitnaurviat

For students elsewhere in the State of Alaska:     State ABE Office
If you need help contacting your Regional ABE Program, just ask.

For GED students:
MyGED     Free Practice Test