Adjunct Instructor, Developmental Mathematics

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Twitter: @KwiekMath
phone: see syllabus

I do not have an office.





I recommend these mobile apps for my students. They will make surviving my class easier. For the list, go here.

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PAST Courses

Spring 2018
Mathematics Skills: Math Lab for Distance Students
Mathematics Skills: Math Lab for Elementary Algebra (DEVM F055)
Mathematics Skills: Math Lab for Intermediate Algebra (DEVM F105)
Mathematics Skills: Math Lab for College Algebra for Calc (MATH F151X)


Fall 2017
Mathematics Skills “Lab” for 054 PreAlgebra DEVM F065 KE2
Mathematics Skills “Lab” for 055 Elementary Algebra DEVM F065 KE1
Mathematics Skills “Lab” for 105 Intermediate Algebra DEVM F065 KE3


Summer 2017
Praxis Prep NONC F001 K01
Mathematics Skills “Lab” DEVM F065 K01


Spring 2017
Elementary Algebra  DEVM F055 KE1
Intermediate Algebra DEVM F105 KE1
Mathematics Skills “Lab” for PreCalc DEVM F065 KA1
Mathematics Skills “Lab” DEVM F065 KE1 & KE2


Fall 2016
Elementary Algebra  DEVM F055 KE1
Mathematics Skills “Lab”  DEVM F065 KX1