Career Coach
TRIO Student Support Services

Finlandia University

Contact Information:
Office phone/Zoom: 906-487-7315
Office: Nikander 11 (currently remote)

As a part of TRIO Student Support Services at Finlandia University, I provide academic coaching to about fifty students and career coaching to about 180 students. TRIO SSS participants are first-generation college students, students from modest means, and/or students who experience a learning or physical disability.

I also serve as the co-chair of the President’s Social Justice Task Force, on the Student Intervention Team and the Conduct Board, and as the Athletics Diversity and Inclusion Designee. During the spring 2020 semester, I was the Interim Advisor for the Black Student Union.

Resources for my students:
Finlandia Master Course Schedule

Speechify: a reading app for those who read slowly or have trouble concentrating (I use the free version on my iPhone.)
Purdue OWL: excellent resource for writing in APA and MLA styles
Desmos: online or mobile app graphing calculator
ptable: online, interactive Periodic Table of Elements

Resources I created for my students:
TRIO SSS Career Services website
Black History Month at FinnU website
Anti-Racist Reading List
TRIO SSS 2019-20 Awards website
“How to Thrive in Online Learning” (a website with resources specifically for FinnU students at the beginning of the pandemic, link intentionally disabled for privacy)
A unit on Skills and Values for UNS 116 Vocational Exploration*
Sisu Seminar section website*

*a course I co-taught fall 2019