Elementary Algebra

DEVM F055 KE1 37603
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5:10-6:40 pm, room 133, hangout

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Lecture Notes

Tuesday, 2 May: Final Exam Review

Thursday, 27 April: Quarter Exam 4 Answers

Thursday, 20 April: Quarter Exam 4 Review

Tuesday, 18 April: Equations and Applications with Rational Expressions

Thursday, 13 April: Complex Fractions

Tuesday, 11 April: LCD, Adding & Subtracting Rational Expressions

Thursday, 6 April: Rational Expressions

Thursday, 30 March: Quarter Exam 3 Review

Tuesday, 28 March: Factoring, part 3 (with solving)

Thursday, 23 March: Factoring, part 2

Tuesday, 21 March: Factoring, part 1

Thursday, 9 March: Dividing Polynomials

Tuesday, 7 March: Multiplying Binomials

Thursday, 2 March: Scientific Notation and Operations on Polynomials

Tuesday, 28 February: Exponent Rules

Tuesday, 21 February: Quarter Exam 2 Review

Thursday, 16 February: Variation and Graphing Linear Inequalities

Tuesday, 14 February: Slope-Intercept and Point-Slope

Thursday, 9 February: Graphing Lines on the CP and Slope

Thursday, 26 January: Linear Applications (table problems)

Tuesday, 24 January: Formulas & Functions and Words to Math

Thursday, 19 January: Solving General Linear Equations