Graphing line segments (2.3: 4)

On these problems, graph the line, but only on the interval given. It might help to find the endpoints first, in this case f(-4) = -8 and f(9) = 5, so we have (-4, -8) and (9, 5). If the interval uses ≤, as it does here in #4, then include the endpoints. If the interval uses <, as it does in #5, then make sure that you do not include the endpoints (more on this below). This is the example from class.

When you graph these problems in WebAssign, use the line segment tool (not line, not ray, not points). Start at one endpoint and graph the line to the other. In the box below the graph, make sure that the endpoints are correct and that the circles (open or closed) are correct. Make sure that you have nothing else on the graph.