Bling Yer Blog

Here is what I had to say for this assignment last summer:

Understated Blog

I got carried away doing things that fall under the “Bling Your Blog” assignment before it was assigned. I wasted a lot of time during Collection I playing with colors and figuring out how to mix blog streams and static pages. I added a couple widgets to the side: a text widget with a bio and another with the menu. I will probably tweak the colors again—they’re too bold now.

I checked out other themes and decided that I like the default twenty-sixteen theme. I am a fan of serif fonts and menus along the top, which are defaults in this theme. I’ll probably keep it. I haven’t found any problems yet that require a plug-in to fix, so I haven’t installed any extras.

Since then I have been using my website for work. I decided that the multi-use space was easier to navigate with the twenty-fifteen theme, instead of the twenty-sixteen theme. (I have considered changing to the twenty-seventeen theme, but I haven’t had time. My former employer did make that change to their website a couple months ago, and it broke a lot of their content. They still haven’t recovered.) During the school year, I tried using blog categories to organize my site, but I ended up switching to static pages. I also added the widget to let me use my favorite Google font for most of my content.

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