Cardboard Your Community

I completed this assignment last summer, my first time through Nousion. Here is the text I originally included:

The first day that I tried to do this assignment, I couldn’t get my camera to work in the place where I wanted it. I ended up going to the Bethel seawall and trying again there. That photosphere is now one of the headline pictures for Bethel on Google Maps. I went back to the spot I wanted to use for the assignment a few days later and captured the photosphere linked above. The boardwalk in Pinky’s Park is a place where my family likes to take walks. The windmills in picture are around the campus of the training center where I work.

The boardwalk in Pinky’s Park is the first photosphere below. The second photosphere below is on the Bethel seawall. It is still one of the headline photos for Bethel in Google Maps. I no longer work at the training center with the windmills.

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I am in the home community of the inventor of the Cardboard Your Community activity, so I decided to show a friend how it works. He stepped from one side of me to the other while I was taking the picture, so he is fractured. You can see Denali peaking out after a cloudy day.

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