Small Group Communication

Note: This post originally appeared 28 June 2016. My collaborators on this assignment were my classmates in Nousion last summer. The post has not been modified since its original appearance past this note.

Collaborate (a Little)

Heidi Olson (@holson), Samantha Ward (@imaginarynums), and I created this presentation on Small Group Communication protocols, based on the Small Group Communication Factors survey. The presentation itself explains our work. Enjoy.

One reply on “Small Group Communication”

I liked the inclusion of the survey, then I took it and then looked at the analytics. I think that it could become a great lesson on monitoring content for my students. When it came to the “demonstration of learning,” I think that it can be one tool used to measure learning; however, it needs to be supplemented. Especially since it is always hard to to know what one says they did was truly of their own cognition or if it was what their group member told them to do.

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