Collection II: DigCit/Lit/etc

I’m running about two weeks behind on everything in my life right now, Nousion included. (This is bad because my anniversary was last week and I leave on vacation next week.) I’m not finished with Collection II, yet; but I figured I should post something to stay in the conversation, since connexion is an important part of citizenship. I will add things below as I finish them. (Chris, I’ll let you know when I’m finished.) I’ve already started on Collection III, so the next week on my Nousion blog will be a mix.

Where are you now?: Digital Boy Scout

Exploring “Digital Cit”:

Digital Literacies I:

Bling Your Blog: Understated Blog

Digital Literacies II:

Make and Share:

Cardboard Your Community: Pinky’s Park Photoshere

The first day that I tried to do this assignment, I couldn’t get my camera to work in the place where I wanted it. I ended up going to the Bethel seawall and trying again there. That photosphere is now one of the headline pictures for Bethel on Google Maps. I went back to the spot I wanted to use for the assignment a few days later and captured the photosphere linked above. The boardwalk in Pinky’s Park is a place where my family likes to take walks. The windmills in picture are around the campus of the training center where I work.

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