Not-so-final thinking

I have been thinking for a year now about how to integrate digital citizenship, &c., into teaching developmental math. My students, in my humble opinion, need some exposure to these ideas, but they don’t really fit into the math curriculum. At the same time, I have been looking for an opportunity to integrate some math web literacy and coding into my classes. Leave it to the Not-so-final Project to pull these two ideas together.

What I am creating here is a lesson and resource that will be live for my Mathematics Skills (aka Math Lab) students this fall. (If you teach math and you like it, you’re welcome to use it. I’ll CC license it.) It is currently under construction—and I don’t think it can ever be finished—but you will see the effect. (If you look soon after I post this, you will only see the outline. I’m building it live.) There is a basic introduction to the idea of digital lit/cit. I’ll link heavily to others’ resources on this—there’s no reason for me to rehash it. What makes this lesson math-specific are the discussions of how to express math on the web and how to be a good citizen with the many math resources available online.

What I hope to provide my students is a resource that they can use throughout the semester to communicate with each other and their instructors more effectively. In 2017, on a rural UAF campus, that naturally comes in the context of digital lit/cit.

Here it is…

A Brief Guide to Doing Math Online

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