Thinking: Tweet

I’m still not sure I did this one correctly.

Before this assignment, I had a personal Twitter account, but I had never tweeted anything. On my personal account, I still haven’t tweeted anything. I read other people’s tweets, but I say nothing. I think of it like the time when I was in my 20s when I would go to a bar or coffee shop alone and sit in the corner with a book and overhear other people’s conversations. I didn’t think anyone cared what I had to say.

Not wanting my personal Twitter followers to be subjected to my tweets for school, I created a new Twitter account for class. I might use it for work afterward. I posted my first tweet, but then I retreated to listening. My biggest challenge is convincing myself that what I have to say can be said in 140 characters and still be worth reading. I feel like an Ent.

My advice to future students doing this assignment: strike up a conversation, perhaps with Chris, right away. Get comfortable with the medium so that it becomes useful.

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