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I am joining Nousion late this summer. I took this class last summer, but didn’t finish it, so I’m back to tie up loose ends. Without linking or referencing, you can see my post for this assignment last summer below; it’s called “Digital Boy Scout.”

In the year since I tried this the first time, I have thought about digital citizenship and literacy a lot in the course of my work, but never very deeply. I subscribe to many of the ideas we share in this class, but I became a little disillusioned as I saw my students totally uninterested in and unimpressed with online presence. (Many rural students just aren’t there yet, and it isn’t necessarily my job as their math teacher to bring them there, but I can and try to model presence and good citizenship.)

And so, at the start of my second time through Nousion, to me digital literacy is a large set of skills, experiences, and intuitions that allow one to navigate the digitally connected world, whatever that may be. Digital citizenship is presence and participation in that world, on some level. Many people are just consumers of information, but it seems that the majority participate in social networking. Some go beyond the platforms given to them by Facebook, et al., to create a their own digital space: that’s us here. Good citizenship is participating responsibly and ethically in the world.

Now to catch up on learning what that means…

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