Worked together

Last summer I worked with two Nousion classmates to create the Small Group Protocol presentation that you see below in this feed (or here). Heidi, Samantha, and I all had schedule conflicts the week that the activity was assigned, so jumped ahead and finished the project early. Heidi initially posted on Twitter looking for a group to collaborate. After Samantha and I responded, the conversation moved to email and then to a shared Google doc. The entire project was completed within these media—there was never a face-to-face meeting or a video or voice call, but we all agreed on a time to work together on the shared doc. The vast majority of the communication in the project came in comments, chat, and inline edits inside the doc. At the end we jumped to Google Slides for the final presentation and continued the same way.

Google [Drive] Apps make this kind of collaboration easy. I highly recommend using them for any collaborative, creative effort such as this. Their output capabilities are somewhat limited, but they offer a good framework to start, and a final project can be built from there. Using the protocol that we describe in the presentation helps a lot, too.