Collection II Roundup

Here are the links to my Collection II activities. I am still working on the two Essential Elements of Digital Literacy activities, and I will post an update when I finish them. My family and I are off to Talkeetna for a vacation with some friends from the Lower 48 this week, but I will have internet access, so I will keep up with Collection III when I can.

Where I Am Now

Exploring Digital Citizenship

Wiki [Rich] Reflections on The Essential Elements of Digital Literacy

I put “rich” in brackets because my reflections aren’t actually that rich. This is work in progress.

Make and Share

Bling Yer Blog

Cardboard Your Community



Collection I: Geeking Out

Many apologies for the late post. I am traveling with my family this week. I hoped to post all of the choice assignments and this collection Saturday night, when we got to Kodiak, but I did not get a chance. After the first day of exploring the island with the family, I am posting late, late Sunday night.

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet:

Barbaric Blog Yawp:

Make & Share:  Equal Area Demonstration (silent video)

Tell Me What You Want:

Natural Born Digital Citizens? (part 1) — children and social media
Natural Born Digital Citizens? (part 2) — parenting for success
Natural Born Digital Citizens? (part 3) — digital recognition

Think About Your Thinking:

Domain & Blog