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Annotated Bibliography Articles

Here are the three articles that I contributed to the annotated bibliography. The links will take you directly to pdf files that you can download and read or read online, if you wish.

Al Ghamdi, Samarji, and Watt: Essential Considerations in Distance Education…

Logan, et al.: The Effect of Individual Motivation and Cognitive Ability…

Power, Braun, and Bersamin: Exploring the Potential…

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I particularly liked the Logan article you selected. Even though it was published for field other than education, I can see how the findings are useful to distance education in rural/remote Alaska. And the findings are similar to the Parkes study on distance education Australian outback (which is just as relevant to remote Alaska). Barriers to distance education can be systemic (infrastructure, accessibility, availability) as well as individual (student feelings of isolation, lack of community).

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