Web 2.0 Fundamentals

A New Course Title

We had a discussion at the beginning of the semester about what this course might better be called. “Web 2.0 Fundamentals: Participate, Produce, Publish” is getting dated. Looking back over the semester, I think that the Personal Learning Network (PLN) was the unifying theme, giving meaning to the Web 2.0 Fundamentals and tools that we engaged during the course. Our domain/blog/eportfolio was the manifestation of that. I think now that a succinct and accurate new title for this course might be “Online Personal Learning Networks and Domains.”

My new course title is the same number of words, but without the colon and list formula that makes the current course title cumbersome. It removes the reference to Web 2.0, which is losing significance, even if it maintains its ubiquity. It focuses on the PLN, which easily replaces and improves upon “participate, produce, publish” with its “connect, collect, reflect, share” cycle. I initially used the word portfolios instead of domains, but I realized that domains have a broader application that encompasses more of what we have done here and more of what could be added in the future. I tacked online onto the beginning because that still cannot go without saying.

I do not expect that my suggestion here will be considered by those who are responsible for naming the course. This idea arose out of my individual reflexion on my PLN and its evolution this semester, and I thought it would be worth sharing.

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Nick, your suggestion here will be considered by those who are responsible for naming the course. I hope to make a change by next year’s deadline, assuming I’m still involved with ONID, which would apply to the following offering of the course. So, not that rapidly. But I will let you know if and when it is changed. Thank you.

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